Pickup Info

Ordering from Lindseygolfshop.com is easy.  Find your item(s), place them in the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout after you’ve selected every golf product you need.  After entering your billing information you will be asked to select your shipping location.  Your shipping location will be the Lindsey golf shop of your choosing.


Your order will be shipped to the Lindsey pro shop of your choice.  Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, depending on availability.  Once the pro shop receives your order a staff member will contact you to let you know you Linseygolfshop.com order has been delivered and is ready for pick up.


**No returns allowed**.  Please select your items carefully.  If you have a question please consult your local Lindsey pro shop staff for answers or help with products.


*For warranty issues, please contact the pro shop the item was picked up at for further details.